Brutal, tough, and mean, are a few words to describe The Great Cheyenne, but one word that definately has to be used is "Great." This STAR is not afraid to challange anybody,  more often than not,  this Beauty comes out the winner.  We would like to welcome The Great Cheyenne to the L.O.U.I.S. WRESTLING family.

Year Started:  2001

Height:  5'10"

Weight:  180

Wrestling Gimmick:  Black Magic Woman from Hell

Wrestling Style:  Old School, Power, Technical.

Home Federation:  Independent, I go where I want to.

Other Federations:  Ohio Valley Wrestling, Arenas de Chicago Lucha Libre, Intercontinental Wrestlling Association, World Wrestling Zone, National Wrestling Association On Fire, Fuerza Mexican Lucha Bibre.  I have also traveled overseas for International Federations.

Championships:  Current Men's Champ at Arenas de Chicago Lucha Libre.

Most Memorable Moment:  WGN segment on female athletes featured The Great Cheyenne in celebration of Hispanic Heritage.  Also wrestling in front of 22,000 fans in Asia.

Allies:  The Great Malaki, The Pharoh, besides who needs Allies!! NOT ME!

Enemies:  Terry Funk, Bob Backlund, El Nuevo Cuidadano, The Stretcher, Melissa Coates, Rebecca Raze, Mercedes KV, Angella Debella, FCW's Sofia Cortez, The Angel Orsini, The Great Malaki has even been my enemy at times and so many others!

Trained by:  The Great Malaki, plus a few others when oppertunities arise.  Bob Backlund.

Influences:   Luna Vachon, Bull Nakano, Mick Foley, The Harts.

Ring Music:  For Single matches, Fight by Doro from Warlock, been using it all these years- LOVE IT!/HF'S music is an evil mix both Malaki and I use when we team up.

Talent Most Like to Wrestle:  Those who are willing to get in the ring with me-men or women.

Favorite Holds:  The Claw, Boston Crab, Sleeper Hold, Front Chancery, Cloverleaf, STF

Finisheer:  Samoan Drop, Top Rope Swanton.

What Fans Need to Know: Not too sure.  I love wrestling and nature, the outdoors.  I paint, I draw, I can cook, sew, I am funny or perhaps, I am not as evil as you think I am hahaha! Just don't cross me or get in the ring with me and you will not be in danger!  THANKS for all the support, without the fans, the audience, we would have no reason to put on a show!  AND SEE YOU ALL AT THE NEXT SHOW!  Peace from the BEAST!

This STAR is popular among the fans, as she proved by winning the INDY Diva of the Month, a site run by Brian Reese. photo by Brian Reese. Click pic for facebook page.
A Little demo to prove this STAR can wrestle.  Be prepared to say WOW!.
The Great Cheyenne, along with the Great Malaki being recognied for their tour in Nepal. Click pic to follow Cheyenne on Twitter.
This STAR maybe brutal in the ring, but outside, this STAR is all heart.
DATE JOINING: 2-23-2012


This STAR has fans all over the world, including these fans from Nepal, where Cheyenne recently toured.